Puck told me about this band. She had seen them on Maschinenfest last year (which i sadly had to miss due to work) and she really liked them. Coincidentaly i got the promo of the CD through Cybercase so this was an easy one to check. The CD was still in my DJ case, but generally when Puck says something is good it is. Puck also likes blues and i hate that, so after checking with here it was not blues the odds of this band being good were pretty high.

Being on Ant-zen i thought this was more harsch powernoise since Puck really likes that, but the music was a weird mixture of IDM, Electro and Indierock. They are using guitars, and most of the time the use of guitars in industrial/electronics really put me off. But these guys pull it off pretty good. Sometimes they remind me of 65 days of Static or Goodspeed you Black Emperor if they were to write more catchy short songs.

Anyway, this is an album i myself enjoy very much, and if any of you guys reading this are into more IDM and indietronic stuff i recommend you give them a listen. Check it out:
This is the hardest cut from the album, so check the other stuff before running off thinking you found the band to best NIN. :)

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